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    First of all I would like to introduce  you a little about Interventional Radiology (IR). Interventional Radiology, especially since the year 1960, emerged showing incredible speed development, technological innovation and offering new non-surgical treatment options. IR is an upper bound of radiology expertise. Interventional radiologists, because they completed their radiology expertise, know much about radiation physics, radiation safety and protection, patient radiation safety, physical and technical details of the monitoring methods, to establish-interpret and apply  more links about the different imaging and interventional treatment options, to recognize the possible complications of intervention methods , to have solving ability and potential of complications of interventions also with interventional procedures, to dominate every organ and system evaluation and to examine the cause of illness as a whole. These are adventageous sides of interventional radiologists than other clinical doctors performing these procedures.

    Interventional Radiology has the following basic logic: in almost every organ and system imaging methods for the diagnosis of disease are used and treatment under imaging (fluoroscopy, CT, MRI, ultrasound, RDUSG ...) is minimally invasive (least damaging possible) .IR enables to increase quality of life, to increase the satisfaction rate,  to shorten the length of hospital stay, to turn daily activities and work as soon as possible, to reduce the dependency on other people. IR is the less painful, quick, nonsurgical treatment for the patients.

    In the past many diseases can be treated with surgery alone. But  today they can be treated with nonsurgical interventional radiology methods. Unfortunately IR is not yet known enough by doctors and patients.  If you have one of these diseases under the heading with the "nonsurgical procedures that i perform", you can tell your doctor to give more information about these IR procedures. IR act in a coordinated manner with other industry professionals. Some treatments need decisions of joint council meetings.

     Our goal is to find you the most accurate and secure solution available for patients.

Our aim is to find the best and safest treatment solutions for you