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Eskişehir Osmangazi University Hospital

 Osmangazi University Meselik Campus Buyukdere Mh. Professor Dr. Nabi AVCI Bulvarı No: 4 26040 ESKİŞEHİR

  •         Telephone: 0222 239 29 79 / 444 66 26

    International Patient Appointment      2200

  • International Patient Payment Account Numbers
    EURO /  Account Number :  117-40013076-5060      IBAN : TR 91000100 0117 1001 3076 5060
    USD / Account Number    :   117-40013076-5070      IBAN : TR1500 0100 0117 4001 3076 5070
    GBP / Account Number    :   117-40013076-5059     IBAN : TR 2100 0100 0117 4001 3076 5059



General Information

Founded in the year 1970, this faculty has been providing career education since 2009 with 72 departments and disciplines connected to Basic Sciences, Medical Sciences and Surgical Sciences departments.

Our faculty is preparing its students to general practice which our country needs in an effort to raise doctors who know the health problems of the country, diagnose and treat well, apply preventive medicine, contribute to the progress of the country and universal development, take scientific thought as a guide. Besides, academic knowledge and skills are gained with which they will be successful in exams and do academic study.

In 2008-2009 academic year, 123 professors, 50 associate professors, 41 assistant professors, 11 lecturers, 2 experts and 367 researchers, in total 594 instructors worked in faculty.

With Central Multi-Purpose Microscopy Laboratory in which every student is given a microscope, 200 students are provided an opportunity to practice simultaneously. Our lab is equipped with monitors having CCD camera system at the same time. Professional skills lab (Pro-Lab), where basic medical abilities are gained on models, has been active since 1999. Computers and internet facilities are available in electronic library and computer laboratory, located in classroom complex of our faculty.

Our faculty which has been both serving health service to public and supplying place for students to get the best practical education with modern 1000-bed hospital which has ISO 9001 Certificate of Quality since 1999.


Short history 

By Hacettepe University Senate’s 13.02.1970 dated and 670-1 numbered decision and taking Ministry of Education and State Planning Organization’s opinion, it was decided to open a medical school in Eskişehir dependent upon this University including last three clinical years of medical programme.

On the other hand, along with the law numbered 1787 which was announced in public journal dated 30.11.1973, numbered 14728 and came into force, a university called “Anadolu University”, owed by an autonomous and legal personality, was founded in Eskişehir and in accordance with the 6th item of the same law, a medical school was established with evaluation of Interuniversity Board by taking approval of Ministry of Education and State Planning Organization.

As required by delegated legislation numbered 496, published on public journal dated 18.8.1993 and numbered 21672, our faculty separated from Anadolu University and was bounded to newly founded Osmangazi University.

Title of our university was changed into “ESKİŞEHİR OSMANGAZİ UNIVERSITY” in accordance with the law numbered 5379 which was announced in public journal dated 6.7.2005 and numbered 25867.

Directors served through the years 

Prof. Dr. Orhan ANDAÇ (1975 - 1979)

Prof. Dr. Talat GÖĞÜŞ (1979),

Prof. Dr. Kemal BAYRI (1979 - 1981),

Prof. Dr. Orhan CİĞEROĞLU (1981 - 1982),

Prof. Dr. İsmail BAĞCILAR (1982 - 1991),

Prof. Dr. Esat ERENOĞLU (1991 - 1993),

Prof. Dr. S.Sinan ÖZALP (1993 - 1995),

Prof. Dr. Bekir YAŞAR (1995 - 1998)

Prof. Dr. Erol GÖKTÜRK (1998 - 2007) worked as deans.

Still, Prof. Dr. Zübeyir KILIÇ is the dean of faculty of medicine.